I will improve your business
and turn your data
into insights and profit

Business consultant and data analytics advisor
with more than 20 years of experience

My work is helping companies to turn their data into a profit and to be more efficient in different areas of business. I most often work with sales, marketing and top management. Thanks to my acquired knowledge in the field of business intelligence, I advise stakeholders on how to systematically, profitably and reliably transform company data into deep and actionable insights.

Technology doesn’t play a primary role. Method and approach yes. I am laying the foundations of data strategy and architecture in medium and large organizations. I connect business and IT in the implementation of reporting and business intelligence. I bring-in deep insights through the proper use of machine learning, predictive analytics and statistics. I estimate realistic budgets and communicate key outcomes with project sponsors.

I have founded company Insightee.com. Me and my team see the overall picture and provide an independent, holistic view on your business goals, processes, analytics and reporting. Our typical work ranges from one-off consultations, which are usually followed by a leadership role in advanced analytics projects, and provide service of external Head of Insights.

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Typical problems I solve for companies

  • The sales department is dominated by fear and chaos.
  • Non-payers are destroying companies’ business.
  • Marketing and sales are not aligned.
  • People are doing unnecessary and repetitive work.
  • Management does not run the company based on facts.
  • People don’t see and address fatal errors in corporate data.
  • Management can’t calculate product profitability.
  • Companies are losing loyal clients.
  • Salespeople tend to be lazy and inconsistent.
  • Companies have crazy inconsistencies and missing information in many different systems.
  • Companies don’t know their turnover.
  • Companies don’t know how many customers they have.
  • Customer loyalty is low.
  • Stock is aging and losing value fast.
  • Contact information in extremely expensive systems is bad and errors are increasing.
  • Companies are gullibly acquiring new non-paying clients.
  • Firms do not have a good basis for decision-making.

Firsthand recommendations

Mirek is an exceptionally talented data scientist. He and I have worked on a number of projects and deals, and it has been an absolute pleasure. He has the ability to easily switch from technical to business speak and to really get under the skin of the issue. He is measured in his responses and thinks deeply before applying any solution to the challenge at hand. I am very lucky to have a business partner like Mirek as we complement each other very well. Apart from being one of the best data scientists I've worked with, he's also a good natured person and trustworthy. I look forward to working with him into the future.
Samir Sharma
Founder + CEO at datazuum
Mirek is a very special person, trustworthy, sincere and willing to go the extra mile. He always exhibited excellent leadership and management skills as well as technical and development skills. He is very creative and proactive. I had the opportunity to work with him. Each time I came away with a sense that he is one of those rare people in life who takes any subject, task, or project and sees it through to completion, always delivering more than what was expected. While he is goal oriented and very capable as a leader and manager, his mannerisms are always easy going with a sincere concern for others as well as doing a superb job for his clients.
Pavla Papayova
Service Delivery Manager at Tieto
Mirek is a very well organized person with strong focus on details of any project he is currently working on. Having him as a partner will help to grow you business in significant way.
Petr Jasinski
Lecturer, consultant and speaker at KurzyKomunikace.cz
Mirek is an excellent data scientist experienced in big data analytics. He can discover and really understand the implications of data on business. He is very reliable and always willing to help.
Lubi Gondiken
Customer Success Manager and Retail Pricing Consultant at Yieldigo
Mirek is a really exceptional person. He has a very wide range of skills that cover many areas like BI (data warehouses, data mining), consultancy or trading where he has built a sophisticated system from scratch. He has unique instincts for finding new opportunities as well and I have to say many thanks to him because cooperation with him was very motivating for me and now I don't have any problem to trust my instincts and cope with many new situations very well.
Radek Tomasek
Frontend Developer at OVO Energy
Mirek is friendly and open-minded, always willing to help everyone. He is always really excellent specialist and high level professional.
Vlastimil Matula
Analyst at CID International, a.s.
Colombian people are going through a critical period right now. When we tried to help our country, Mirek offered his hand and help our idea.
It’s awesome that this kind of global issues put together companies, engineers and countries to work in the solution. I am going to be grateful all my life because we learnt that frontiers don't exist and no matter what, Waro Colombia and Prinx will want to help our brothers.
Anderson Arévalo
Co-Ower at Prinx / Waro Colombia
Mirek is a very nice boss with geeky personality, always ready to help and support!
Zuzana Šelová
Head of Social Communications for L'Etape Czech Republic by Tour de France
Mirek is an inspiring leader. He is highly motivated and goal-oriented person. He is able to change his opinion, when listening to strong arguments. This man is a very experienced BI consultant. He never gives up. Otherwise he is friendly and very helpful, open-minded person, working on his personal growth.
Lea Hanzelkova
Business Development Manager at Insightee
Hardworking, ambitious colleague, who is always reliable.
Martin Dybal
Business Planning expert | Management consultant | Partner at Uniwise.cz and Targetty.com

Career highlights

  • 2022 – Wrote and published the book “Increase your corporate sales using the Insightee Method”
  • 2021 – In-depth collaboration with Microsoft
  • 2019 – Co-founded Fox Solutions – Intelligent corporate planning and controlling
  • 2017 – Founded Insightee – We increase corporate sales using clever data wizardry
  • 2016 – Head of Insights at Goodbaby International
  • 2015 – Wrote and published the book “Simple analytics to turn your data into a goldmine”
  • 2013 – Received $800K funding from Index Ventures, Credo Ventures, Kima Ventures and angel investors
  • 2012 – Co-founded Futurelytics – Behavioral segmentation and customer retention platform
  • 2011 – Went freelance
  • 2007 – Lead Business Intelligence consultant at Tieto
  • 2004 – Business Intelligence consultant at Adastra Group
  • 2001 – Started consulting career

Price list and consulting terms

  • one-off consultations … €270 per hour
  • consulting projects … usually ranging from 1 to 12 weeks
  • terms and conditions of business consulting:
    • I keep all your data and information as 100% confidential.
    • I don’t share your data with anyone else without your explicit permission.
    • I store your data on an encrypted drive and secure Google Workspace account.
    • I send the complete time report at the end, or anytime upon request.

Contact details

Insightee s.r.o.

Business ID: 06982379
VAT ID: CZ06982379

Nádražní 344/23, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic

Mobile:+420 604 233 349
VAT ID:CZ7712315094
IBAN:CZ36 6210 6701 0022 0935 2954