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I will map your business needs, propose solutions, approaches, technologies and then implement them for you.

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What is Business Intelligence (BI)

Think of Business Intelligence as your company’s information hub. It’s the backstage manager handling all the details – sales reports, customer trends, operational stats. Reports and dashboards are like your daily briefings, giving you a snapshot of what’s happening. The Data Warehouse acts like the storage room, neatly organizing all the info so you can access it whenever you need. BI is basically your business’s reliable organizer, making sure everyone’s on the same page and helping you make informed, strategic decisions.

Business Intelligence isn’t a magic wand you wave over tools like Power BI or Tableau to make everything happen. It’s more like building a sturdy bridge between these tools and your company’s data. You need the right materials – accurate and well-organized data – and a skilled architect to design it. It’s the careful planning, the structuring of data, and the thoughtful use of these tools that turn them from mere instruments into powerful assets. It’s about crafting a solid foundation so that when you use these tools, the magic is in the strategic insights they unveil, not in wishful thinking. It’s the difference between waving a wand and crafting a reliable roadmap for your data journey.

I will make your BI profitable

Picture this: a specialized tool designed to boost profits in a specific area of a business. I’m crafting this for companies, taking care of the nitty-gritty. It won’t nail every decision, but it’s finely tuned to maximize profits over time in that specific aspect. It’s like having a profit-boosting sidekick for a targeted part of your business.

Interactive Management Dashboards

You’ll gain a comprehensive view of your business in one place with interactive dashboards.

With that you can monitor key indicators and gain deeper insights into your data.

Behavioral Customer Segmentation

With my advanced behavioral segmentation, you’ll have a much better understanding of the typical life cycle stage each of your clients is in.

You can then easily target specific groups and tailor your approach to your customers based on their current situation.

Prediction of Customer Churn Risk

Thanks to my predictive analytics, it is possible to prevent the loss of customers.

I identify potential customer churn risks so you can take action before it happens.

This allows you to retain clients more effectively.

Personalized Product or Article Recommendations

Engagement and conversions can be significantly increased with personalized recommendations.

My predictive model enables you to create individual product or content offers that align with each customer’s unique needs.

Deepening Business Intelligence and Reporting

Your reporting and business intelligence can be enhanced with deeper and actionable insights into data.

With my advanced analytics you will improve understanding of your business and strengthen strategic decision-making.

Choose the range you need:

Individual consultation

I’ll solve things you don’t know how to handle.

I’ll help you see weak spots in your analysis or data approach where your project or initiative could fail overall or become surprisingly expensive.

I will independently assess the risks and benefits to you as part of your negotiations to deliver a BI or other innovative data or digital solution and help you make the right choice.

In person or online, in English or Czech.

PRICE: € 300 per hour

All-day counselling

I will analyze your current situation and start designing solutions, processes and technologies that together will improve your company’s business.

Together we will go through your current data analytics or reporting.

I’ll point out weaknesses and risks that you may not know about, but I can see.

I bring my experience from other companies and projects on the topic.

I will suggest the optimal approach to create the BI solution or prediction under consideration or improve the existing one.

In person or eventually online, in English or Czech.

PRICE: € 1 800 per day

Custom BI and prediction

I will create a reliable BI, data warehouse, reporting, prediction or other custom analysis.

I will create interactive management dashboards with reliable figures.

I will help you profitably automate a complex process using machine learning.

I will build a consolidated data warehouse, data mart and data model that will serve as a foundation for self-service BI. I will make data analysis easy for the business users.

I’ll make sure your data is high quality and consistent, so you can rely on the numbers in your reports.

I will bring you and implement data analytics and predictions that are profitable, have a high return, and last long.

Because I’m really good at it, my quality BI implementation is as fast, or even faster and cheaper, than quick-wins solutions.

Everything holds together well and future customizations are easy and inexpensive. You will benefit from my architecture for the next 10 years.

Because my solutions are easy to understand, you can choose to maintain the system yourself or leave the maintenance to me.

PRICE: per complexity

I help with data, BI and prediction for example:

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