Mirek Cerny

Consulting and education

I can help you with data and BI or teach your people how to do it – either through workshops or one-on-one consultations.

I will help you:

When you make good use of data...

  • then you make strategic decisions based on facts.
    Not assumptions.
  • then you not only know your trends, but also see ahead
  • then you build trust with correct and reliable figures
  • then you know how many live customers you actually have
  • and you unleash your business potential.
Mirek Cerny

Choose the range you need:

Individual consultation

I will answer all your questions about data, BI, data warehousing, reporting, predictive analytics, data technologies and data models.

I will provide an independent opinion when the situation is data and business related and a high-impact decision needs to be made – for example, choosing a business model, due diligence, mergers, acquisitions or preparing for key meetings.

In person or online, in English or Czech.

PRICE: € 300 per hour


One-day practical course “From Data to Results“, in which I will teach you how to build a company BI methodically and correctly.

I will teach you:

  • What exactly is BI and what to use it for
  • How to see business and data in relation to each other
  • How to ensure people trust your numbers through good data quality
  • How to have agile, fast, reliable and profitable reporting
  • How to have clarity and order in corporate BI
  • What predictive analytics is and how to use it

In person or eventually online, in English or Czech.

PRICE: € 240 individual or € 2 300 company

Leading data projects
or teams

I will bring your data project to a successful completion or even lead your data team.

I will teach people you nominate the best practices in BI through hands-on work and “data coaching” approach.

I will lead your data, BI, data warehousing, reporting and predictive analytics projects and initiatives.

I will be your data and insights partner and expert in due diligence, mergers, acquisitions or key meetings.

Our collaboration typically spans a strategic 6-12 months, ensuring sustained impact.

Together, we set and pursue clear goals and review them monthly.

Devoting a dedicated day each week, I will supervise or lead your key data and BI projects.

The program represents 32 hours of my professional work each month. We tailor the exact allocation and format to meet your unique needs.

PRICE: € 4 000 per month

I help with data and BI for example:

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Let me help you and request a consultation. Every journey to success with data starts with the first join. I’ll speed yours up considerably.

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