Mirek Cerny

I will turn your data
into higher profits

I will solve your data issues or educate your people so they can handle it on their own.

Leverage my 22 years of experience from over 75 international projects.

I will lead you to success with data

I will find your data treasures

I’ll meet your goals faster and easier through the alignment of data strategy, business intelligence and artificial intelligence. I give business owners and CEOs sharp insight into the root causes of problems through data and context that has been hidden from them until now.

I give you an independent view

Whether you’re an investor looking at a B2B, data or AI startup, or a CEO evaluating data projects in your organization, I’ll provide a second opinion and help you make informed decisions.

I will sharpen your talents

Building and leading AI and data teams can be tricky. I’ll advise you on recruiting and retaining talent and help you make BI, AI and big data related positions more attractive. I’ll turn your data enthusiasts into pros.

I'll watch you blossom and harvest

I will recognize the false promises of your vendors and unlock the true potential of data, BI and AI in your business. I’ll enable your team to prevent problems. I’ll make sure your data assets serve you well now and in the future.

References from happy customers

“Mirek is an exceptionally talented data scientist. He and I have worked on a number of projects and deals, and it has been an absolute pleasure. He has the ability to easily switch from technical to business speak and to really get under the skin of the issue. He is measured in his responses and thinks deeply before applying any solution to the challenge at hand. I am very lucky to have a business partner like Mirek as we complement each other very well. Apart from being one of the best data scientists I've worked with, he's also a good natured person and trustworthy. I look forward to working with him into the future.”
“Working with Mirek was very inspiring. I appreciate his approach that allows all team members to gain as much expertise as possible under Mirek's guidance. His in-depth knowledge of advanced data analytics and how to use it in practice has helped us a lot, as well as his ability to guide users to understand the complexity of the project (a crucial step!).”
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with many professionals in data analysis field, but Mirek is someone who I will always remember fondly. We both worked together for multiple multinational customers (Premier customers) and Mirek helped & guided them in implementing power bi and setting up business intelligence ecosystem. I learned a lot from Mirek.He’s always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. I’m grateful to have worked with Mirek and highly recommend him to any company."

Let's take your business to the next level

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