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Mirek Cerny

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Consulting and Data Coaching

On-Demand Consultation

1 hour – 300 EUR

Get an expert opinion on your data or business intelligence related challenge, including advice on AI and how to optimize your existing data architecture.

Problem-Solving Package

10 hours – 2700 EUR

A comprehensive data, business intelligence or AI initiative, including recommendations for tools, technologies, and best practices to achieve your business goals.

Data Projects Supervision and Strategy

Quick Fix

10 hours – 2700 EUR

I will fix a burning issue in your data project.

Continuous Guidance

20 hours/month – 4500 EUR

Comprehensive data project supervision, including risk management, quality control, and ongoing optimization.

Building or Educating your Data Team

One-time Workshop

3 hours – 990 EUR

Collaborative session with your team to investigate data from a new perspective and find solutions. Empowering your team with data expertise and actionable insights.

Team Guidance

3 hours / week for 12 weeks – 11 000 EUR

Transform your data team from technical-minded individuals to business intelligence experts with my comprehensive leadership and team-building services. I’ll provide talent recruitment support, skills development, and organizational design to ensure your team is capable of delivering valuable insights and creating real business value.