Mirek Cerny

From Data to Results


I will teach you:

  • What exactly is BI and what to use it for
  • How to see business and data in relation to each other
  • How to ensure people trust your numbers through good data quality
  • How to have agile, fast, reliable and profitable reporting
  • Proper data processing techniques, data models and principles
  • How to have clarity and order in corporate BI
  • What predictive analytics is and how to use it

After the course:

  • You will repeatedly derive high value from your data
  • You will increase the quality of your data and confidence in your numbers
  • You will know the principles of reliable BI regardless of the technology used
  • You will recognize the strengths and weaknesses of various data analytics tools and platforms
  • You will see the weak points in any company’s data and reporting and know how to fix them
  • You will significantly reduce the risk of any data analytics project
  • And you’ll know how to establish BI solutions in your company

I'll teach you in a human-friendly way

I will explain it to you in a way that you will really understand it and I will answer all your questions.

I will tell you the essentials and the principles so that you can use them correctly and I will not burden you with technical details.

Mirek Černý tutoring

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How the educational workshop works

No computers are needed for the training and you will receive all needed materials.

The workshop is non-technical and does not require previous experience in data analysis. I will teach you principles that you can use in any technology.

If you need advice or help beyond the workshop, we’ll set up a time for a BI consultation.

Some of my clients also come to us for data coaching in a long run, gaining international-level know-how that is not available anywhere else.

Public courses

The public course lasts 7 hours plus an hour for lunch break, from 9am to 5pm.

The training room is located in Praha – Holešovice, U Průhonu 12.  There are multiple parking options in the surroundings. The venue is also easily accessible by public transport.

If you would like to arrange free parking on site, please let me know in the comments.

Lunch is not included in the price of the workshop. There are several restaurants nearby that you can visit.

Coffee, tea, water and small snacks will be available in the training room during the day.

From Data to Results

Tuesday 18th June 2024
9am – 5pm

Praha – Holešovice

5 900 CZK (VAT excluded)

Company courses

I will come to your company anywhere in the Czech Republic.

The company course lasts 7 hours plus an hour for lunch break, typically from 9am to 5pm.

The ideal number of participants is 5, we can increase this if needed.

We need a projector and flipchart or whiteboard in the training room.

The price of the training is 56 000 CZK (excluding VAT).

For training outside of Prague I charge a transport fee of 1000 CZK for every 50 km.

In case of cancellation or change of the date after the binding order I charge a cancellation fee of 5000 CZK.

Course registration

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After submitting your registration, I will send you an advance invoice and payment details within 1-2 days.

Mandatory EU notice: by filling in the form you agree to the processing of your personal data.

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