Dalia Lasaite | CEO at CGTrader
Dalia Lasaite
Futurelytics have unlocked 46% more revenue from our buyers and sellers while our campaigns performance improved by 130% in open rate, 79% in click-thru rate and 113% in conversion rate. Campaigns have been profitable even after counting-in all generous incentives provided to our customers.
Chirag Nirmal | CTO at Bow & Drape
Chirag Nirmal
Futurelytics’ predictive model driven recommendation engine was super easy to implement, and we found that the recommendations are 85% more likely to lead to sales.
Samir Sharma | CEO at Datazuum
Samir Sharma
Mirek is an exceptionally talented data scientist. He and I have worked on a number of projects and deals, and it has been an absolute pleasure. He has the ability to easily switch from technical to business speak and to really get under the skin of the issue. He is measured in his responses and thinks deeply before applying any solution to the challenge at hand. I am very lucky to have a business partner like Mirek as we complement each other very well. Apart from being one of the best data scientists I’ve worked with, he’s also a good natured person and trustworthy. I look forward to working with him into the future.
Petr Jasinski | Founder at
Petr Jasinski
Mirek is a very well organized person with strong focus on details of any project he is currently working on. Having him as a partner will help to grow you business in significant way.
Pavla Papayova | Quality Project Manager at Tieto
Pavla Papayova
Mirek is very special person, trustworthy, sincere and willing to go the extra mile. He always exhibited excellent leadership and management skills as well as technical and development skills. He is very creative and proactive.I had the opportunity to work with him. Each time I came away with a sense that he is one of those rare people in life who takes any subject, task, or project and sees it through to completion, always delivering more than what was expected. While he is goal oriented and very capable as a leader and manager, his mannerisms are always easy going with a sincere concern for others as well as doing a superb job for his clients.
Matej Rejnoch | Business Development Manager at Craneballs Studios LLC
Matej Rejnoch
Compared to the best of our existing campaigns we have achieved 45.8% more ROI, 231% more revenue and 63% more purchases thanks to Futurelytics’ ability to find ideal audience.
Martin Dybal | Business Planning expert | Management consultant | Partner at and
Martin Dybal
Hardworking, ambitious colleague, who is always reliable.
Radek Tomasek | Software Engineer/Business Intelligence Specialist at
Radek Tomasek
Mirek is really exceptionally person. He has a very broad range of skills that cover many areas like BI (data warehouses, data mining), consultancy or trading where he has built a sophisticated system from scratch.. He has unique instincts for finding new opportunities as well and I have to say many thanks to him because cooperation with him was very motivating for me and now I don’t have a problem to trust my instincts and cope with many new situations very well.

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