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…from a revolutionary book that will forever change how business owners look at their data! With this simple, easy to follow blueprint, I guide entrepreneurs into the highly profitable potential hidden in their business data.

Starting with the basics, this step-by-step journey leads readers, with ease, into learning everything from turning their Excel database into a money maker to cross industry standard data mining process to safeguarding their models against data-snooping bias. Everything an entrepreneur could ever need to turn their data into a goldmine is found within the golden pages of this incredible book!


This chapter describes 5 projects from 5 companies where our team has PROVEN to turn their data to a considerable value.

75% higher Average Order Value & 50% higher Open & Click Rate
Hierbas Organicas logo
Hierbas Organicas (Organic Herbs) of Mexico is a company dedicated to distribution of the best tea, herb and spice products. The company wanted a solution that would enable them to provide a more personal touch to their customers. The Hierbas Organicas e-shop runs on Shopify. They also use MailChimp for email campaigns that target existing and prospective customers. This project took just several days, but it considerably improved Hierbas Organicas’ business.
85% higher website conversions
Bow & Drape logo
Bow&Drape is a unique women’s clothing and fashion retailer. Bow&Drape were originally looking for a tool, model or approach that would increase the duration of customer visits to the company website. You can read how that was achieved, but more importantly, what was the key element that increased the likelihood that the Bow&Drape’s website visitor would make a purchase by approximately 85%.
46% more revenue, 130% improvement in open rate, 79% in click-thru rate and 113% in conversion rate
CGTrader logo
CGTrader is a virtual marketplace for buying and selling 3D models like the ones you create in AutoCAD or similar tools. Their CMO faced a tough challenge: How should she spend her marketing budget to achieve largest possible company growth? Instead of email “carpet-bombing” their users they have made their emailing much more efficient while keeping it simple. They have seen considerable improvements, which I want to share with you.
Tripled revenue from Facebook acquisition campaigns
Craneballs logo
Craneballs is a game studio based in the Czech Republic. They create action games for smartphones and tablets, downloadable from app stores. Their biggest challenges were player acquisition and in-game monetization. We were given the data from the game Overkill 2, and asked to show what we could do. So we did our best to boost the efficiency of their player acquisition campaigns on Facebook.
€ 5 000 000 / year saved on labor cost
smart phone
A recognized electronics producer with a worldwide network of service partners. This company wanted to simplify and automate their complex claim-handling process. We managed to replace the part where human intelligence had been required by a sophisticated predictive model. That model also provided a better understanding of the whole process.

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