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I wrote a revolutionary book, SIMPLE ANALYTICS TO TURN YOUR DATA INTO A GOLDMINE that will forever change how business owners look at their data! With this simple, easy to follow blueprint, I guide entrepreneurs into the highly profitable potential hidden in their business data. With compelling case studies, readers can see the actual impact this untapped goldmine can bring to their bottom line. Results are what I provide and what business owners desperately need.

Starting with the basics, this step-by-step journey leads readers, with ease, into learning everything from turning their Excel database into a money maker to cross industry standard data mining process to safeguarding their models against data-snooping bias.

Get your copy today. Stop leaving money on the table and put the profits into your business pockets. SIMPLE ANALYTICS TO TURN YOUR DATA INTO A GOLDMINE is, quite simply, the best resource for propelling your profits to the stars!

What is inside?

Basic metrics every seller should know

Most sellers know their revenue in time, number of purchases and can perhaps calculate their average margin as well. There are some more metrics that you should track…

Case Studies

Five case studies from five companies. Each having a different business issue. You can read about measurable benefits achieved thanks to specific kinds of analytics.

  • How Hierbas Organicas increased its email Open & Click Rate by 50% and Average Order Value by 75%
  • How Bow&Drape increased conversions by 85% using website personalization
  • How CGTrader made their buyers buy more and sellers sell more
  • How Craneballs Studios more than tripled revenue from Facebook acquisition campaigns
  • € 5 000 000 / year saved on labor cost
Getting started with Analytics

Let’s learn the basics first. There are various kinds of data analytics. This chapter brings an overview of the well known, but also emerging techniques that are worth trying.

Importing data to Excel

Many people can reasonably work with Excel. But when it comes to importing serious amounts of data, they are often lost and seek help from their more IT-savvy colleagues. Read about importing data from flat files and databases. Consider checking your data with external tools to make your data import a breeze.

Give your figures a context

Do you know Excel pivot tables and charts? If not, you will learn how they work. They are essential tools for every analyst. They let you analyze large volumes of data in a short time and discover interesting patterns.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is a very hot topic nowadays. There are several kinds of segmentation techniques, which I want to make you aware of. They will help you make your segments realistic and as different as possible by characteristics of people within. With that knowledge you can better customize communication with each customer category.

Recency, Frequency, Monetary: Customer segmentation that works

You may know the RFM segmentation already. Maybe you also use it as a part of your digital marketing strategy. But do you know what makes it actionable? Would you like to learn how to calculate RFM segments on your own? Or how to specifically use the RFM as a Customer Retention tool? Then don’t forget to read this chapter.

Predictive Analytics: Look into the future!

You will learn what it takes to employ predictions and other quantitative models in your business. For those who mean it seriously I described a proven, cross-industry standard process for data mining. Do not expect to read about any complex formulas or algorithms. Instead, get ready for practical video tutorials on rapid predictive analytics in Excel.

What’s key to your project’s success

Selection of analytical tools or modelling algorithms is by far not the most important success driver of any project. Read about those that make a difference.
As no data from real world is ideal, you will also learn how to deal with missing and invalid values or what to do when your dataset is too big.

Common modelling pitfalls to avoid

When you start making data-driven decisions, you will slip into a pitfall called “bias”. It is pervasive even in basic modelling and it diminishes performance of any system you build. Learn about most severe biases and what precautions you have to take in order to mitigate them as much as possible.


Even You can make it!

With the collection of step-by-step video tutorials in the book you can turn your Excel into a powerful analytical engine. The tools require just few clicks and are easy to understand.

How to discover suspicious people or events

You will learn how you can identify people, events or records that are a little “weird” by their characteristics. A simple tool goes through your data and highlights all exceptions it finds. Then it is up to you to decide whether the value is valid, erroneous or really exceptional – based on its business nature.

How to segment customers by demographics

Segmentation isn’t a trivial problem. You cannot simply decide the ‘from’ and ‘to’ boundaries of a segment of people. You shall respect natural distribution and characteristics of your customers. Only then you can discover what makes those people so different from each other and customize the communication correspondingly. The tool that you will see in action will help you automatically identify segments of people based on your Excel data.

How to discover factors that influence purchasing

Some factors work for and other against the chances that a person will repurchase in a near future. With a simple tool you can see what these factors are and compare their importance. By knowing, which two or three things really matter, you will be able to make faster business decisions.

Which products to recommend and how to bundle them to maximize profit

When you sell many different, mainly fast-moving, goods, you would surely like to know the answer to the question: “What single product shall I offer to that guy standing in front of my cash desk or browsing my website, that he will most likely purchase?” And you know that you manage to offer just one thing before he will be gone. Watch the tutorial to learn how even a beginner can create a model for that.

Forecasting sales and other metrics

What will be your revenue next month? How many products will you sell? How many deals will you close? Where will the market go?
You don’t need a crystal ball to predict such things. Instead you can use a forecasting tool. Based on the past trends it will tell you (with certain probability) how the things should evolve.

How to identify potential high-value customers

What will be your revenue next month? How many products will you sell? How many deals will you close? Where will the market go?
You don’t need a crystal ball to predict such things. Instead you can use a forecasting tool. Based on the past trends it will tell you (with certain probability) how the things should evolve.

How to decrease Average Time per Issue in a call-centre

Call-centre is a good example of a complex system. Its efficiency is highly dependent on the behavior of clients as well as operators. Every day you should employ an optimal number of operators. What happens if you assign more or less operators to each shift? Watch the video and give the tool a try on your business data too.

How to increase sales by ensuring fewer dropped calls

Even a small difference in lost calls can mean a big difference in revenue. There is a tool that helps you optimize factors that you can influence. Such as number of operators. Watch the tutorial and then adapt the approach on your business.

How to maximize profit using the “Prediction Calculator”

You will learn how to score each customer by the probability that he makes a purchase in a near future. But that’s not all. Your Excel sheet can help you find an optimal cut between customers who are worth a special attention and those who aren’t; with regard to maximizing profit from a corresponding campaign.


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If you won’t be satisfied with the book within 30 days since purchase, I will reimburse you the full amount paid.

What people say

Dalia Lasaite | CEO at CGTrader
Dalia Lasaite
Futurelytics have unlocked 46% more revenue from our buyers and sellers while our campaigns performance improved by 130% in open rate, 79% in click-thru rate and 113% in conversion rate. Campaigns have been profitable even after counting-in all generous incentives provided to our customers.
Chirag Nirmal | CTO at Bow & Drape
Chirag Nirmal
Futurelytics’ predictive model driven recommendation engine was super easy to implement, and we found that the recommendations are 85% more likely to lead to sales.
Samir Sharma | CEO at Datazuum
Samir Sharma
Mirek is an exceptionally talented data scientist. He and I have worked on a number of projects and deals, and it has been an absolute pleasure. He has the ability to easily switch from technical to business speak and to really get under the skin of the issue. He is measured in his responses and thinks deeply before applying any solution to the challenge at hand. I am very lucky to have a business partner like Mirek as we complement each other very well. Apart from being one of the best data scientists I’ve worked with, he’s also a good natured person and trustworthy. I look forward to working with him into the future.
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You cannot miss this book if you are:

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  • Consultant
  • Business Intelligence leader
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  • Stakeholder in a challenging decision-making process

If you won’t read the book…

  • You can spend €10 000+ on a consultant who will tell you a fraction of the know-how within the book.
  • You can get overwhelmed by bright but hard-to-apply ideas and formulas from a PhD. intern.
  • You can spend countless hours watching educational Youtube videos.
  • You might miss the business aspects with academic courses of statistics or machine-learning.
  • You can hope that your competitors won’t get any better and keep your digital marketing unchanged.
  • You can (again?) postpone your work on deeper business insights because of more urgent matters.

Does it get you where you want to be?


30 day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

No risk:

If you won’t be satisfied with the book within 30 days since purchase, I will reimburse you the full amount paid.

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